Thursday, October 6, 2011

Incovenient Truths And Stuff....

This has nothing to do with comics or collectibles or games. It's just a truth I think I have stumbled across. Do you want to feel good now but not later? Or do you want to wait for later and feel better forever?

So how's that a grand truth? Because it literally applies to everything in life. Think about if you need to loose weight. Food tastes great. Our brain literally releases bursts of pleasure into our bodies when we eat. But we know we're not supposed to eat fatty and sugary foods. But they taste and feel so good. Of course so does looking in the mirror after we have lost weight. And so does fitting into those too snug pants we haven't been able to wear for a year. So which is better? Which do you want?

You can feel good now. Eat all you want. And horrible later. When even your new pants start getting snug! It's a short term fix because the food endorphins wear off. But the fat on your thighs won't. If we choose later, it doesn't feel great today or tomorrow. Not even for the next month probably. But when all is said and done you will be way happier with yourself and life in general.

Now I'm not picking on the overweight, (I fall in that category myself) this formula actually applies to most aspects of life. It applies to when you know there is a right course and a wrong course and you know the right way, but you don't follow it.

It's rough because the easiest way is always the wrong way. And we usually don't pick the hard way on purpose. The real challenge though, even after being aware of all this information is applying it. But that's always the challenge because knowing is only half the battle.

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