Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5 Comics That Don't Suck. Seriously.

In the Bible there is a passage that says, 'to the making of books there is no end.' This is true for comics as well. Wouldn't be awesome if you had the time and money both to read and collect all comics that were printed every month. Ok, back to the real world though. Limited money keeps a lot of us from going too crazy. But with so many choices what do you choose?

Well, I can give you my opinion. Here are 5 books (in no particular order) that are totally worth you spending your lunch money on.

1. Uncanny X-Force - Rick Remender is spinning quite the tale in this book. It's so good because it tackles hard issues such as which makes a person evil, nature or nurture? Can a hero sacrifice one person to save thousands and it not affect his soul and sanity? Wolverine, Archangel, Psyloche, Deadpool, and Fantomax tackle these issues every month. And that and hordes of bad guys. And they do it with extreme prejudice too. Not for children due to the violent content. But it maybe just right for you. Has one of my favorite comic stories of all time. Issue #9. It's more than just a comic. It's good writing.

2. Suicide Squad - DC took an old 80s series and revitalized it. In 3 issues we have seen betrayals, double crosses, techno zombies, babies born, people getting limbs bit off, and 3 dead team members! This series is a thrill a minute ride. Well worth the $2.99 price of admission!

3. Action Comics - Grant Morrison is awesome. Maybe he isn't the superstar Geoff Johns is, but he is arguably just as good. Action comics has been a nice breath of fresh air to the staleness of Superman. Let's face it, he wasn't the most identifiable character. But now? You can really feel the weight of the world on his shoulders. Forget super strength, he is working just to survive life.

4. Daredevil - Things were really dark in Daredevil's life for a while. And while things aren't exactly roses yet, at least Matt has a positive attitude about the future. He's already tangled with a couple different villains and some superheroes as well. I appreciate the fact that they just didn't reset the character. Daredevil is still dealing with the Shadowland fallout. In his personal life as well as his professional one. Good book. Exciting with good story hooks. But doesn't dip into a depressive melancholy.

5. Green Lantern - Every time I finish an issue of Green Lantern I can't wait till I can read the next one! Geoff Johns shows why he gets paid the big bucks in this title. Making Sinestro the new green lantern? Making Hal Jordan Sinestro's puppet lantern? Add in the mix that Sinestro is going to go after his own corp and oh man I can't wait! If you are unsure, read issue 3. But be prepared to get hooked...

Of course these aren't all the good books out there. But I put my own personal stamp on these books. Definitely worth the tress to make them, and for the money you will shell out on them. Two thumbs up.