Thursday, January 13, 2011

The NES Ten

Hello geekey gamers! Time for another addition to your favorite new blog! =D

Today we are going to be looking at 10 games that made the Nintendo Entertainment System worth playing! This is not a begin all, end all list FYI. So if you don't see your favorite game of all time, feel free to post a comment and tell me why it rocks!

Ok, so first let's learn a little background on the NES. The NES exploded onto the scene in 1985 (1983 if you lived in Japan). In Japan and most of Asia it was called the Famicom. And let's face it people. If it wasn't for NES, you wouldn't be playing your 360 or PS3. This consol created video games honestly. Before this it was Pong. Aftet this....well the sky is the limit. Still the best selling gaming system of all time.

For a measley 129 bucks you got 2 controllers, and Super Mario. What a deal....

Anyway, now on to the games:

10. Duck Tales. Capcom made a huge splash with this 1989 game. The goal is to guide Scrooge McDuck in a quest to retrieve the 5 biggest treasues ever. Super fun game no matter what age you are!

9. Dragon Warrior. Also known as Dragon Quest in other countries, this game was an early RPG. It was slow, and all you could to do level was continuously grind. But the pay offs were worth it, when you felt the thrill of taking down the eveil dragonlord!

8. Tetris. Simple to learn, impossible to master. This Russia favorite is still popular even today. And admit it, you can hear the music even now.....

7. Mega Man 3. Yes Mega Man was kicking butt before this game. But let's face it, this one is one of the best. From the sweet pwoers and boss fight to the awesome robot dog Rush, this is a killer game.

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game. While the first game was fun, and started off the Turtles vide game run, this game is when it hit it's stride. Sure it's just a port of the arcade game, and has worse graphics to boot. But this game was just so damn fun! And it game with Pizz Hut coupons....come on! What more could you ask for?

5. Punch Out! A real rags to ritches story. You control a fighter names Little Mac. Your goal? Win enough bouts to where you can challenge Mike Tyson for the title! Sweet game.

4. Metroid. Take control of Samus Aran and save the galexy from the space pirates! The game is so addictive because no matter how many times you play it never gets old. And it adds a sense of accomplishment as you level up with weapons and upgrades.

3. The Legend of Zelda. Still one of the best games of all time. Period.

2. Ninja Gaiden 2. Just a sweet, sweet game.  The challenge is amazing.  And the story line is excellent too!

1. Super Mario Brothers 3. Yes 1 started the series, but this the game where it hit it's stride. From cool new suites to inventive levels. And secret after secret. This game is still the best Mario game ever.

Well, it was a fun trip down memory lane with the NES. In a future blog we will discuss probably my favorite system of all time, the Super Nintendo! Until then, feel free to post comments of your favorite games. Happy gaming!


  1. Super mario 3 was the best! This was the best system. I still have mine, now I want to pull it out and play.

  2. Lol. I liked it too. Although I was a little more in love with the SNES. :)

  3. you have to say Final Fantasy, Castlevania and The Legend of Zelda should be up there too

  4. ya snes is still my top old systems with mortal combat, mario rpg and the others

  5. oh on my previous i didnt see zelda... sorry

  6. Ok. I like the list but would like to have seen pro am racing on there along with skate or die. I also would have put SMB on there. I also would like for Mike Tyson's Punch Out near 1 or 2. Great list though!

  7. Watch out for my SNES list and you will see Castlevania and Final Fantasy. I'm not a big fan of the early ones of those games though. Also Skate or Die would've made a top 20 list. I just ran out of room! A lot harder than it looks only picking 10 games. lol

  8. 50 thumbs up for Zelda! Im playing A link to the past as we speak. Best series of games ever <3