Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beatdown Or Control?

(This blog deals with WOW CMG)

Hello Gamers!

Welcome to another exciting, action packed blog! OK. Maybe not super action packed but I had to get your attention somehow. In this blog we will discuss the intriguing statement I made at the end of the last blog. Namely that with strategy games the players break their forces, deck, etc, down into only actually two specific camps. Namely these are, 1. The Beatdown, and 2. The Control.
Interested? Then let's press on. First off I want to say this isn't my theory or anything. It is an established fact in gaming. All I am doing here is introducing you to the theory if you have never heard of it.
Think about how a game goes. Minis or otherwise. Someone is beating on one guy while the other plays crazy defense to try and gain the upper hand. As a matter of fact let's play out a scenario. Let's say you and your opponent have completed a draft. You both opened you're boosters and out of three figures you get to choose two. Here's the figures you took:

Phadalus the Enlightened


Now let's say you're into the game. Things are going well, and you are smashing some face. Phadalus has kept himself healed. He's hitting from range and melee as well. You jumped out to an early start and killed both of his toons right off the bat. What does that make you? Well clearly you are the beatdown player. You have established dominance. And he has had to play the defensive game making him the control player.

Now let's jump you farther on into the game. Your opponent has made a pretty decent come back. You need one more VP (victory point) to win. He needs 3. Phadalus was killed earlier so he's at the graveyard. And he won't have time to kill anyone or make it to a VP space. Your opponent's second toon is back at the graveyard as well. So It's all up to Dizdemona vs you're opponents down right nasty character..... Ji'lan . She has been unlucky though because she has only 2 health left and she's facing down a rogue. Not cool. Her defense isn't exactly the best versus melee. And this guy hits pretty darn hard! And if he crits, you are definitely done. What to do? In this case your opponent is now beatdown. If he can kill you're warlock on this turn he pulls off the win. And will brag about it for weeks because he has made such a good come back. Are you going to let him do that? Heck no!

Good thing you've got Fear on deck! Next thing he knows he's fled 3 spaces and you cruise to victory. In this case you had to become the control player. Dizdemona wasn't going to get it done with the beatdown at all. And to win he needed to beat you down for sure. Congratulations. Now that you won, it's time to brag.....maybe even for a couple weeks. Go ahead, you've earned it!

The important thing though is, did you see how the scenario played out? It illustrates beatdown vs control. The one doing the mediocre job at beatdown is going to have to become the control. Doesn't matter how you're deck or party is built. Even if they were a beatdown you might be playing control. And vice versa for building a control party. You might have to change mid game.
Now how does that work for us in practical terms as gamers? Well, really it gives you a starting point when you are constructing a party. Granted if you are playing a draft format that is a little tougher. But the same principles apply. Choose you're major goal between the two. You winning through beatdown? Or is control more you're specialty? Whatever you choose don't completely ignore the other aspect because you might get out controlled or out beaten! Basically I am saying, Don't put all you're eggs in one basket!
Let's say you took all toons that are range attackers. Well line of sight is going to be an issue for you before this game is up. What about if you take all melee? Then you are going to be running all over that field trying to get the VP s you need. Now that I have filled you're head with that though, I have to admit that you can still get around this rule. You can successfully run 2 guys of the same kind of attack and win. Just be aware of what you are doing and you should be fine.

Also logically you can apply this to all kinds of deck building or party building. When you understand the basic principles you see how it all connects. Coming in a future blog I will discuss this very thing. You will get to relive with me how my lack of focus in creating a tournament deck leads to my downfall. Good stuff. Make sure to be there.

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